Saturday, 21 May 2011

How to create screenshot in any web page?

I want to share a little tricks for everyone. I hope it will be very helpful. we visit many website pages. Sometimes we looking or when landing some web pages, then we think if I have a site like this? If you have no web page, don't worry. Also we save many html or web page in our hard drive for future usage. But you can store or save great screenshot. Screenshot heavy uses for blog writing. I personally use many types of screens. 

A successful blog can completed with a good screenshot. At first you go that page what you want to get image. Now press print screen sysRQ button. next go to paint menu & click paste by clicking on the mouse right key. So you will get an image. Now discover your mind as you wish. 

Add special watermark in any pdf

Pdf (Portable Document Format) is the world's most favourite document format. For file sharing & transferring pdf is used globally. For some special attributes day by day rising it's popularity. Pdf looks like a beautiful book. When a document file created so that's documents are also protected. You can read this documents by help of pdf reader, E-book reader and many other utilities software. Now it is used randomly for online books. Ebook means 'Electronic Book'.

For copyright & other uses watermark is essential. You can add watermark text to any pdf pages with the help of watermark soft. This soft size is only 326 KB. Look at this link for directly download.

Don't tension for your motherboard CD

Today I shall give you one special software. It's has great feature inside. This software is online based software. It is very useful for all. Because we know our system disk. That is nkown motherboard CD for everyone.

If you lost you motherboard CD so what can you do?
or If your motherboard CD is broken, so wat?
So this soft is the best solution:

Then we go to market for collect it. Then we faced many problems to solve this problem. To get rid of all problems you can use this software. You can directly download your driver from internet by auto searching of this software. This software will be auto driver search for you. When you run your software a software window is open. But internet connection is recomended.
After conected to the internet you run this product then you will see your comuter configuration inside the software window. What drivers you need then click on the drivers name. So this product will automatically search your driver and prompt you to download by the internet search results. It take some several secoconds. So you see your driver version in the search results & download it.

I hope that it will be very useful tricks for you.