Saturday, 21 May 2011

How to create screenshot in any web page?

I want to share a little tricks for everyone. I hope it will be very helpful. we visit many website pages. Sometimes we looking or when landing some web pages, then we think if I have a site like this? If you have no web page, don't worry. Also we save many html or web page in our hard drive for future usage. But you can store or save great screenshot. Screenshot heavy uses for blog writing. I personally use many types of screens. 

A successful blog can completed with a good screenshot. At first you go that page what you want to get image. Now press print screen sysRQ button. next go to paint menu & click paste by clicking on the mouse right key. So you will get an image. Now discover your mind as you wish. 

Add special watermark in any pdf

Pdf (Portable Document Format) is the world's most favourite document format. For file sharing & transferring pdf is used globally. For some special attributes day by day rising it's popularity. Pdf looks like a beautiful book. When a document file created so that's documents are also protected. You can read this documents by help of pdf reader, E-book reader and many other utilities software. Now it is used randomly for online books. Ebook means 'Electronic Book'.

For copyright & other uses watermark is essential. You can add watermark text to any pdf pages with the help of watermark soft. This soft size is only 326 KB. Look at this link for directly download.

Don't tension for your motherboard CD

Today I shall give you one special software. It's has great feature inside. This software is online based software. It is very useful for all. Because we know our system disk. That is nkown motherboard CD for everyone.

If you lost you motherboard CD so what can you do?
or If your motherboard CD is broken, so wat?
So this soft is the best solution:

Then we go to market for collect it. Then we faced many problems to solve this problem. To get rid of all problems you can use this software. You can directly download your driver from internet by auto searching of this software. This software will be auto driver search for you. When you run your software a software window is open. But internet connection is recomended.
After conected to the internet you run this product then you will see your comuter configuration inside the software window. What drivers you need then click on the drivers name. So this product will automatically search your driver and prompt you to download by the internet search results. It take some several secoconds. So you see your driver version in the search results & download it.

I hope that it will be very useful tricks for you.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Auto Run blocked your hidden files? (Don't worry)

When virus enter our computer then it can loss documents & folders. For privacy or security reasons we add read only, archives, compress and hidden attributes in some files or folders. But virus hiding those folders several times. At this moment what can you do? You can persist your problem. If you facing this type of problems any time then try this. Download hidden remover software. There are various soft are accessible by search results from goggle. I know software that's performing task very quickly

After finishing download unzip software. (Use WinRar or other)
Type & paste this code browser:

After select what drive you lost your file. Place this soft. in that drive and run it. Now instantly you gained all lost files.

How to create desktop icon for any software?

Icon is the special symbol for each software. Icons are set into viewer system. Find icons on the Internet. We cannot think any soft without icon. Each software has each icon. So icon is the important subject. We know how is windows default icon!
But someone doesn't know how to change default folder icon or create icon. Suppose recently you have install software but you cannot see any desktop icon or start menu options. What's the matter? Someone think that the software does not install correctly. But it's not true. If you found this problem any time then you apply these tricks. Go to the root drive that means C drive.  Next go to Programmed files folder.

Enter the programme files folder & find your installed software folder. After enter on this patch. Suppose I choose Movie Maker folder for example.

Next I click on the folder name by the mouse right button & I click send to>Desktop (Create shortcut)

Ok. Now go to the desktop & see an icon will be created.

Special Chat with Yahoo Messenger (Don't miss it)

Yahoo is the world's fastest mail, search engine and chat server for windows and mobile. Generally people use yahoo for mail service. Its mail service is really good. It has a big community. So it's service increasing day by day. Now a day's large number of people use yahoo for chatting. Yahoo messenger has millions registered user by yahoo. By using yahoo you can find your new friends. 

Go to messenger menu. Your can see all listed rooms that's are separated into different categories with country. It shows how many users are online now, how many users are in front of web cam, microphone now. You also see the total number of users who are online. Go any room by simply click on the room name. A captcha will be come. Enter the correct captcha code. If room is not full so you can able to join those room. All processing is very easy.

Highlight your mobile display by Candle Torch

We use mobile phone for various purposes. For that we use multiple application software for beautifying our handy phone. Like other software this is special software. It works as a perfect candle. Candle specifically used for birthday party or dark point. But now this application offers you for your mobile.

 It looks very beautiful & charmed to everyone. You can set time duration as you wish. It seems your phone with extra facility. Really it's very excellent. When you click your keypad it lighting displays instantly & closed automatically after ending session time. Tell your friend or amazing anyone to do this. This application supports Symbian & java enabled handsets. So at first choose your device for better work. 

So don't wait for moment. Enjoy everybody.

Remove entering virus permanently (Secret Idea)

Remove entering virus permanently (Secret Idea)

Virus is the main enemy to damage your computer. Viruses are increasing day by day. But we cannot fully deleted virus from the world. But we can safe our PC from viruses.  Virus can damage your valuable database or documents. So be careful from viruses. Virus is very harmful for unauthorized use. If virus attacks our PC then we lost our data. But if we are conscious so we can save our data very easily. Like another virus virus is a powerful virus.  It has heavy damaging power. We are familiar about it. If some several month virus staying your PC. So your cannot show your hidden files. This virus closed to viewing hidden files. There are more disadvantages of auto run viruses. Generally your computer will be slowly, reporting error, auto restart, mouse hang, freeze, not copying files, not movable files any where etc.
Here is the idea to protect from auto run virus.


-Go to start menu.
-Click the Run Menu.
-Write Regedit in the box.

-Then Click Ok bitton.
-A Registry window will be open like that below.
Now look at this picture and go this path to deactivate this option.

The total processing screenshot are listed below. Look those pictures and follow it.

STEP:1(Pic-1 )

STEP:1(Pic-2 )

STEP:1(Pic-3 )

STEP:1(Pic-4 )


STEP:1(Pic-6 )

STEP:1(Pic-7 )

STEP:1(Pic-8 )

STEP:1(Pic-9 )

When finish step one you will must be complete your second step. The second steps screenshots are.....

If you finish all steps so you have all done successfully. Now any autorun virus do not enter your computer.  Now restart your PC. Thanks to all.

Earn Money by freelancing is not so easy

Freelancing is the top & secure system for earns USD through Internet. Various types of computer operator have computer & Internet connection. But they don't know exactly what is freelancing?  They only know earn money from Internet it is true. They have no minimum expertise to complete a project. So that they are very eager to know what is the correct way is?  They want to build their career as a freelancer. But they failed. Cause they don't know freelancing works. As a result they stop their all activities & thought freelancing is very hard process? They also think freelancing money not accessible. 

I mean that before start work you would be an expert. When a person completed 5-6 courses like Microsoft office, graphics design, php, data entry, html, xml, web design then he/she will be appropriate for freelancing.
There are various ways to income USD. But a question is facing? What is the cheapest & free way? Follow some steps:

How to protect your information in the internet?

Internet is the worldwide system now spread all over the world. In this situation many operators are operate computer through the internet. So when we use Internet connection then we can safe our personal information. But how? Yes it is totally depend your consciousness. If you are conscious about phising, virus, fraud, scam so you cannot fall any trap. Hackers are very clever. Some information can help you to protect your online life. Here is the listed below:

1. Do not click on the remember button any browser when you log on your email account or any personal account.
2. Always keep your anti virus up to date. Because if you update your virus signature database then your anti virus will be powerfully against virus & worm.
3 Use USB Disk securities for any removable storage.
4. Use worm protection software.
5. Don't write any place your password. 

6. When you write your password look at the surround & check someone cannot see your password.
7. Don't save any password file in any place or any drive inside the computer or other machines.
8. Staying with Spam free email. Read carefully Spam email. After satisfied & decide those email are good then you click on those email otherwise your password will be stolen

9. Use one or two local email address for signing up various web pages.
10. Please note that don't sign up any poor reputation page/web site.
11. Be careful when subscribe any you tube channels. Cause many channels are Spam.
12. Face book is s serious Spam full place. There are many users & they have thousands of friends. Both friends are not good. Some ones are fraud.
13. Please not share your personal info with any friends if you don't know.
14. Future actions face book authority will be declined your page & stop your all activity. At last they will close your suitable account.

15. If you want to earn money from the Internet so protect own from email client. Don't click all emails link they sent to you.

Play URL video with VLC?


We use internet connection for various works. So we use various types of software. Like video accelerator & streaming software. But you can play any url files with this tricks. Follow this idea & use it very simply.

Suppose you recently visited any web page & you can see a video. This video is very attracted to you. You decide you download it. But you tried many time to download it. But you do not find any option to download it.

Copy the video url path address and paste the destination box in VLC player. Then wait for moments. Enjoy video. What surprise? Yes it is the smallest action for url video seeing. You do not need to other utilities soft to see web page video.

Now enter the url in the box. Thanks to all

How to play selected folder songs in VLC?

VLC media player is the latest & great player for playing various formats. It can be huge used for avi formats. Because it is very easy to play files. We commonly using WMP(windows media player). But it does not support many important formats. So we cannot run those files. But sometimes we need to play other files. This player has also some special features.

Look up the top header point & click on the media menu. Find the "open folder" option & click on it. Then you will be see like that....

After you browse you media file on by opening on the my computer option & attach you folder.

when click ok option VLC playing al files including the folder. Use this tricks you able to view full folders songs. Also you can run whole my computer songs by selecting whole my computer.