Friday, 20 May 2011

How to create desktop icon for any software?

Icon is the special symbol for each software. Icons are set into viewer system. Find icons on the Internet. We cannot think any soft without icon. Each software has each icon. So icon is the important subject. We know how is windows default icon!
But someone doesn't know how to change default folder icon or create icon. Suppose recently you have install software but you cannot see any desktop icon or start menu options. What's the matter? Someone think that the software does not install correctly. But it's not true. If you found this problem any time then you apply these tricks. Go to the root drive that means C drive.  Next go to Programmed files folder.

Enter the programme files folder & find your installed software folder. After enter on this patch. Suppose I choose Movie Maker folder for example.

Next I click on the folder name by the mouse right button & I click send to>Desktop (Create shortcut)

Ok. Now go to the desktop & see an icon will be created.

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