Friday, 20 May 2011

How to protect your information in the internet?

Internet is the worldwide system now spread all over the world. In this situation many operators are operate computer through the internet. So when we use Internet connection then we can safe our personal information. But how? Yes it is totally depend your consciousness. If you are conscious about phising, virus, fraud, scam so you cannot fall any trap. Hackers are very clever. Some information can help you to protect your online life. Here is the listed below:

1. Do not click on the remember button any browser when you log on your email account or any personal account.
2. Always keep your anti virus up to date. Because if you update your virus signature database then your anti virus will be powerfully against virus & worm.
3 Use USB Disk securities for any removable storage.
4. Use worm protection software.
5. Don't write any place your password. 

6. When you write your password look at the surround & check someone cannot see your password.
7. Don't save any password file in any place or any drive inside the computer or other machines.
8. Staying with Spam free email. Read carefully Spam email. After satisfied & decide those email are good then you click on those email otherwise your password will be stolen

9. Use one or two local email address for signing up various web pages.
10. Please note that don't sign up any poor reputation page/web site.
11. Be careful when subscribe any you tube channels. Cause many channels are Spam.
12. Face book is s serious Spam full place. There are many users & they have thousands of friends. Both friends are not good. Some ones are fraud.
13. Please not share your personal info with any friends if you don't know.
14. Future actions face book authority will be declined your page & stop your all activity. At last they will close your suitable account.

15. If you want to earn money from the Internet so protect own from email client. Don't click all emails link they sent to you.

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